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Half Day One2One Workshops


South Yorkshire


Visiting some of South Yorkshire’s hidden gems, these half day landscape photography workshops are a great way to get to know your camera and cover a variety of locations, subjects and techniques.

Depending on the time of day and year, we will visit stunning locations including:


  • windswept landscapes
  • wind farms
  • waterfalls
  • reservoirs
  • viaducts
  • capture the best of the seasons colours



Learn key skills

During the workshop we will cover a range of  basic techniques and skills including shutter speeds, aperture, depth-of-field and using filters. We’ll look at the use of different lenses and composition skills, as well as controlling exposure and the use of light.






You can book either a morning or afternoon session, whichever suits you best and each workshop last for around 4 hours.






    You will need to bring:

  • Film/Digital SLR or bridge digital camera, we cater for all types
  • A range of lenses from wide angle to telephoto
  • A tripod and filters will be useful if you have any
  • Your cameras instruction manual may also be useful
  • Waterproof clothing and sensible footware.
  • Tuition costs  110 

    Please e-mail me to discuss your requirements, as well as check dates and availability.



    Book Now 110

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