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Self-Isolation Photography Course


Improve your photography in just 12 weeks



If you’ve got time on your hands, but want to improve your photography, then this newly released course could be ideal for you. Concentrating on photographs you can get from home, or images that you can easily capture on a daily exercise walk, this 12 week course will see your photography improve with tuition from an experience professional photographer.

Inspirational Lessons

With everyone in lock-down, the subjects we can shoot are now limited. Most of us are being told to stay at home, self-isolate and only go out to take some daily exercise. However, this restriction is all you need to complete this course. You can learn and improve your photography from home, in your own home, just using your local surroundings and environment to capture creative images.

12 Week Course

You will have the benefit of a tutor to guide and help you as you work through the lessons, as well as being on hand to answer any other questions you may have during the 12 week duration. The course covers all the techniques required to take creative photographs and is not compromised from the regular courses.

Shoot at home

You may be being  told to stay at home and self-isolate, yet this doesn’t prevent you from taking pictures. Pictures at home, in your garden, on your daily walk (abiding to your countries government guidelines), plus reviews of  images that you have taken so far to date.

Better Your Photography



The course will teach you about:




Shutter speeds and apertures







    and much more...



This unique new course has been developed to help you through the Coronavirus pandemic. The whole world is on lock-down, but with care and imagination, we can still enjoy and improve our photography The one-to-one tuition via e-mail, means that I have the time to answer all your questions personally, to give you the confidence to take creative new images.



Course Highlights

  • Convenience of online learning
  • Tailored towards photography during self-isolation
  • Full support via e-mail
  • Gain confidence in yourself as a photographer
  • A great to improve your photography in this difficult time
  • Full guidance from an experienced professional photographer
  • See your photography improve in just 12 weeks



               12 weeks personal tuition for just 




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