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YouTube Vlogs

Below is a list of my YouTube vlogs.


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London POV Street Photography- The Ultimate Guide


In part one of this guide to street photography, I visit Brick Lane and Columbia Road Flower Market to capture the atmosphere and characters of these famous London Streets.  I show you my approach to finding subjects, filming from my Point of View and reveal how to get the best images with minimal equipment.


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Photographing seascapes & long exposures at the Yorkshire coast


Craig Roberts spends a day at the coast shooting images at low and high tide.

We shoot using a range of filters including ND grads, polarisers and the Lee Big Stopper. We use a variety of camera techniques shooting with and without a tripod, including setting up the camera for a panoramic shot across Whitby harbour.

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Photographing landscapes & waterfalls in the Peak District


Craig Roberts spends a day in the Peak District countryside to shoot landscapes and waterfalls. We look at composing images with foreground to create depth and using filters to enhance the images.

We use neutral density graduated filters to control contrast and the Lee Little Stopper to extend exposure. We also shoot with a polariser to boost colour.

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Greenwich to Docklands Photo Walk


Join me on a City Photo Walk from Greenwich to Docklands in London. In this video, I show the potential for photography in this area and the range of techniques and photo opportunites that can be achieved.

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London 2 Day Photo Challenge- Part 1 The Shard


Craig spends two days in london photographing three different locations and subjects. In part one of this three part video, he tackles the Shard, shooting it from a variety of angles and viewpoints. The video, filmed in POV, looks at composition, filters, technique and how to photograph this icon building in a creative way

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London 2 Day Photo Challenge- Part 2 The City


Craig spends two days in london shooting three different locations and subjects. In part two of this three part video, he tackles St Paul's and the City and reveals some of the creative compositions that can be achieved with your digital camera in this busy part of London.

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Landscape photography shoot at Derwent Water


Join Craig as he reveals the best viewpoints to capture the beauty of hi favourite lake in the Lake District; Derwent Water. NB. This is the shorter version for YouTube.


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Landscape photography shoot at Ladybower Reservoir


Join me on a photo shoot around this well-known reservoir, as I aim to capture its beauty in a creative way, despite less-than-perfect conditions. Do I succeed?...


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Landscape photography shoot at the Roaches, Peak District


Craig spends an afternoon photographing the Roaches in the Peak District. He discusses composition, light, using polarising filters and why a tripod is essential for landscape photography.


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Landscape Photography at Mam Tor & Winnats Pass


With an afternoon free, it was time to head out with the camera again. With no fixed plan or technique to try, what results will I get when I head out into the Peak District for an impromptu ramble in the landscape?


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Landscape Photography Technique- Lead-in Lines (Pt 1)


In the first of this two part video, I spend a few days in the Yorkshire Dales shooting landscapes. However, I am also exploring the technique of using lead-in lines within my compositions for greater impact.


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Landscape Photography Technique- Lead-in Lines (Pt 2)


Composition- lead-in lines. The truth. The lies. The myths. The facts. All YOU need to know about this essential technique.


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London Panoramic- No Nodal Required


A different format, creating different views of familiar subjects. This is the first of three vlogs from this shoot, each giving advice on panoramic photography


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London Panoramic- You’re Fired!


Part two of my vlog on shooting panoramics in London. Even more panoramics. More advice. More technique. More London!


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Photography Shoot at a Secret Location


Today's photo shoot is at a hush hush location. Some people know this place, many don't. It's a photographer's dream.


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Quick Guide To...Grad Filters


ND Graduated Filters. The most important filter for landscape photography.

But what are the different types? Which to choose? How do you use them? And do you even need them these days? These questions and many more are answered in this vlog...

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Urban landscapes shoot at Salford Quays


Craig Roberts takes you round the the Salford Quays area near Manchester, to shoot urban landscapes and abstracts. We discuss compositions, technique and using filters.

The video gives advice on shooting water, photographing architecture and looking for creative abstracts in this kind of urban location. We use neutral density filters to control contrast and the Lee Big Stopper to extend exposure.

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Landscape Photography | Roseberry Topping | Yorkshire Moors


The start of a new project photographing this famous North Yorkshire landmark. The sun's out, it's peak summer, but will I get my planned shot at the end of the day?


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Should You Go Mirrorless? | The Ultimate Landscape Camera


The DSLR vs Mirrorless debate continues and many photographer's are ditching their Canon and Nikon SLR's to go mirrorless. So, should you join them? What are the pro's and cons? Which is the best mirrorless camera?

I've made the switch, so this is my insight, plus I reveal the best camera for landscape photography!

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Landscape Photography | Thirlmere | Lake District


Join me as I discover the beauty of this less well-known 'lake' in the Lake District. High views and waterside compositions make for a spectacular mix, but will the rain prevent me getting those sought after results?


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Landscape Photography | Derwent south | Lake District


In this vlog, I return to Derwent Water and continue my journey around the lake. I'm concentrating on the southern end this time, seeking lakeside as well as high viewpoints, but one morning shoot doesn't quite go to plan.


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Newcastle Fisheye


Sometimes it needs more than just regular images to capture a location in a unique way. Today I view Newcastle Upon Tyne through a more extreme optic, a Samyang 7.5mm fisheye lens. So, what sort of images can this lens conjure up?


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Extreme ND Filters- Coast & City Long Exposure Photography


In this video I take three extreme ND filters out, to test their use at both the coast and in the urban environment. 6 stop, 10 stop and 15 stop neutral density filters all with their own advantage with particular subjects.


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Mist in the Woods


I wasn't planning to do a video on this morning, but I awoke to some fantastic foggy conditions, so headed to some local woodland to make the most of it.


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London POV Street Photography- Part 2


In part two of this video on street photography, shot from my point of view, I visit Shoreditch and Camden Market on the look out for urban images and exciting street views.


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#BelieveInFilm - Holga + Portra 400 urban shoot


This is the first of three videos where I go back to shooting film. First up is my beloved Holga camera. How can something so cheap, produce such evocative results?!


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#BelieveInFilm - Lubitel 166B + Portra 400 landscape shoot


In this 2nd vlog on shooting film, I take the Lubitel 166B out into the landscape for a shoot at a reservoir. Can this bargain basement camera really produce any decent results?


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The Grand movie inspired photo shoot


Here I spent a day in Manchester shooting urban images. However, taking inspiration from one of my favourite films, I decided to theme my images, as well as the vlog, on this particular movie and its brilliant direction and cinematography.


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Night Photography in the City


I love shooting urban landscapes. I love shooting at night. But you only have a short window of perfect twilight in which to capture images, as I demonstrate here in this mad dash around a major city.


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One Location Many Views | Peak District


There's always more than one picture to take at any location. Everywhere has more potential than just the one famous view. Here I visit Surprise View in the Peak District to prove just that point!


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NOT Fine Art Long Exposures


Fine Art long exposure photography. It's a step above normal photography, right?! So, I headed to London to capture Fine Art long exposures of the city's finest modern architecture.


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Cambridge at f1.8


I’m always looking for creative ways to photograph urban environments, be it with long exposures or interesting angles and compositions. But can you capture the essence of a location, just using your lens' widest maximum aperture? Well, I head to Cambridge to find out...


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Landscape Photography - Do’s and Don’ts


A quick look at some of the things you should do and perhaps not do, when capturing landscape images. WARNING! These tips could make you a better photographer!


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ND Filters & Long Exposures - The Definitive Guide


In this video, I take a look at all the Neutral Density standard filters available, offer advice on when to use them and suggest some great subjects you can shoot with them.


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I Shouldn’t Be Here!


Blue skies and a lack of creativity, leads to a change of location. Plus how I overcome those times when I don't feel inspired.


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#BelieveInFilm - Zero Image Pinhole- Coastal Shoot


In this third film camera vlog, I take my pinhole camera to the North Yorkshire coast for some traditional back-to-basics photography.


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Urban Abstracts - Shooting with a theme


I'm on a quest to shoot urban abstracts, linked with a theme to create some hopefully, very creative results.


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Quick Guide to...Prime Lenses


Forget zooms, prime lenses are the must have accessory to have these days. In this Quick Guide to... I look at the pros (and cons) of prime lenses and reveal why there should be at least one of these in your camera bag.


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What’s in my Camera Bag? - ‘86-’17


A gear insight with a difference. This video looks at my current camera equipment list, but also the cameras I've used over the years that lead me to shoot mirrorless exclusively.


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Landscape Photography | One Camera-One Lens-One Format


Today I return to the landscape after a few weeks off. As an incentive, I decided to head out with a very simple set up to help me focus on a familiar location.


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Quick Guide to...Formats


Shooting with a digital SLR you probably shoot most of your images in the standard rectangular 3:2 format. But is this the best one to use? What are the other choices and how could they improve your images?


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    The Easy Guide to Infrared Photography

Welcome to the wonderful world of Infrared! Join me on this photographic shoot where I capture amazing infrared images the cheaper way, with a filter, without having to splash out on a converted camera.
If you've never tried shooting infrared before, this video shows you how!


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    Which Tripod Should You Buy??


In this video I talk about the three tripods I own. I tell you why I bought them, how I use them and my advice on which is the best to buy yourself.


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