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Craig is a landscape and travel photographer who has been writing and supplying images for magazines for 20 years. He has written and illustrated articles covering a multitude of techniques for top photo titles including Amateur Photographer, Practical Photography, Photo Plus, Digital SLR, Outdoor Photography and EOS Magazine. His UK travel writing has also been widely published in such titles as Heritage, In Britain, Realm, MMM and the Dalesman. Likewise, his images are sold worldwide, either direct or via his online agencies Panoramic Images, Alamy, Trigger Image and Getty.

Craig’s approach to his craft is unique and individual, whether in his day-to-day shooting or his attitude to advising and sharing his knowledge. He offers on-location workshops within the urban environment, as well as in the countryside. He pioneered the online courses in landscape photography and now offers unique article, video and critique-based learning with his e6 subscription.

His consistent, high-quality approach to his work has always been praised by editors, whilst his down-to-earth, practical and straight-forward teaching method, is often seen as a breath of fresh air to his photography students.

If you would like to use any of Craig’s work, discuss a commission or find out more how he can improve your photography, then please get in touch.

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