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My eBooks are carefully designed and presented fully illustrated with examples of the techniques described. Download and read each PDF on your computer, iPhone or iPad or simply print off and read at your leisure.

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PTC eBook The Project Tuition Course book

You can now enjoy the course in a self-taught eBook, giving you another way to learn photography. Full course notes and complete set of assignments to get you on the right track to better photography.

Available to download now for just 12.99


          26 ASSIGNMENTS

26 ASSIGNMENTS26 mini projects to inspire and help move your photography forward.

If you’re stuck for an idea of what to shoot, this book has a whole range of ideas for you. From simple ideas that you can do at  home, to assignments that you can spend all year doing. These are all ideas I have completed myself and I know you will love them too.

Available to download now for 6.99

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          The A-Z of Improving Your Photography

The A-Z of Improving Your Photography26 inspirational ideas to kick start your photography.

If you’ve lost your motivation or if you feel your photography needs a boost, then this book has some amazing ideas to give your photography new life. A is for Analyse. Z is for Zooms. Which letter of the alphabet will you be inspired by?

Available to download now for 6.99

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Urban Landscapes eBook Urban Landscapes

This new eBook looks at all aspects of shooting in our towns and cities and the creative images you can capture in these exciting locations. From buildings to people, abstracts to interiors, this book covers all the subjects you will encounter and the best kit and techniques required for top pictures.

Available to download now for 6.99

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Behind the PictureBehind the Picture

Get the inside stories behind some amazing images. How they were composed, the filters used, the time of day chosen and how they were put together from visualization to end result.

Available to download now for 6.99

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