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City Photo Walks

Step out of the rural landscape and into the urban environment for this exciting range of

urban landscape photography workshops in some of the UK’s top cities.


Take control of your camera and perfect your urban landscape skills as Craig takes you on an exploration of light and life in our big cities. Discover the architecture, character-filled side streets, colourful graffiti, stunning urban views and learn how to tackle the hustle and bustle of city life in a creative way. Tailor-made personal tuition guaranteed on these One2One workshops.



  • Explore the modern architecture and capture movement in Manchester’s Salford Quays and City Centre.
  • Photograph the stunning views of Newcastle, along the Tyne River with its famous bridges.
  • Capture abstracts with impact at the Selfridges store in Birmingham
  • Take a walk through the historic setting of the Albert Docks in Liverpool.
  • Choose from three top London locations, each with their own character and technical challenges.
  • Explore historic York by day and by night. Creative views by day, street lamps & alleyways by night



Relaxed and fun workshops to help you get the most from your camera and enjoy shooting in town or city environments



Spend a day with me in Birmingham, Liverpool or Newcastle, where I will show you how to use your camera to get the best from the urban environment in creative ways. Or alternatively, book on a two-day workshop in Manchester or  London, to really spend time developing your skills and trying new techniques. If you fancy some night photography in a historic city, then one of the one-day York workshops is the one for you.



Develop Your Style Workshops

A new way of approaching the photography workshop.

These workshops aim to develop your own style and vision in photography.

I set the location. You find the subjects!

With my assistance, we take the concept of your ideas and expand them into images with impact based around your own style. This isn’t about my vision or how I see a location. This is about taking your ideas and your style and working with that. If you can develop your own style, your images will remain unique no matter where you shoot. The key is identifying and working with that initial idea that catches YOUR eye. How YOU see the location.

The ideal person for this workshop is an intermediate or above. You’ll have a firm grasp of the camera and its controls and know how to use the functions available to influence your images. For these workshops we concentrate on your vision. So, instead of me showing you the views that can work, you find the views that appeal to you and we develop them into creative and original ideas. Your style is unique to you. This is how you see the world. My aim is to bring that vision to the forefront of your photography. Your style. Your photography.





Click for more details...London Photo Workshop

Inspiring choice of locations


 2-day workshop




Click for more details...Manchester Photo Workshop

Salford Quays & City Centre


2-day workshop



Click for more details... Birmingham Photo Workshop

Selfridges and much more...


1-day workshop



Click for more details...Liverpool Photo Workshop

Albert Dock & Liverpool One


1-day workshop



Click for more details...Newcastle Photo Workshop

Quayside and bridges


1-day workshop



Click for more details...York 360

The Historic City


1-day workshop


Click for more details...York Street Lamps & Alleyways

Day & Dusk


1-day workshop (winter only)


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