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London Two-Day Photo Workshop


475 ( free e6 Subscription included. See below)


Various dates throughout the year (Sun & Mon only) available for this two day workshop. Email me with your choice of date and locations.

Available as the Beginners or Develop Your Style Workshop



Choose from 3 locations & 2 levels of Tuition


Get creative in the city on this two-day photo walk taking in some of London’s top locations for photography. You can choose a different location for each of the two days, from a choice of three amazing places in London (i.e. Barbican on the Sunday and Southbank on the Monday). The Photo Walks are One2One workshops, to guarantee personal tuition and individual help where needed. Aimed at both the complete beginner or experienced enthusiast wanting to get more out of their camera and produce creative images.



Tailor your workshop with your choice from THREE great locations:



  Location One: Bermondsey

Its all about the Colour!

This fascinating route sees us in the shadow of The Shard, capturing it from multiple angles, whilst heading down Bermondsey High Street. Dare I say, this is without doubt the most photogenic street in London (there I’ve said it!). Packed with colour and abstracts, it offers limitless photo opportunities, plus its own views of The Shard. Oh, and did I mention we start off at a fabulous rooftop viewpoint?! This is a route not to be missed!





  Location Two: Barbican to South Bank

Brutalist London in Black and White

Learn to see the city in glorious black and white. Master the skills to capture B&W images with impact and see London in a new light. It’s all about tones, contrast, shape and form and these we will discover on our route from the world famous Barbican Centre to the equally famous National Theatre on the South Bank (via Tate Modern).






Location Three: South Bank

Within One Mile challenge

It’s about a one-mile walk between Westminster Bridge and the Tate Modern on London’s South Bank. For this workshop option, the challenge is for you to shoot creative images using 30 different camera and composition techniques! From using shallow depth of field to composing effectively with the rule of thirds. Using slow shutter speeds to using the white balance for creativity. Are you up for the challenge? If you don’t know your camera very well, you certainly will do by the end of this workshop day! If you do well, I’ll take you back in time, to 19th Century London!





During the photo workshops we will cover a range of  techniques required for urban photography. We’ll look at the use of different lenses, creating abstracts, shooting for impact and making creative compositions. You’ll learn about the various controls and settings on your camera including choice of shutter speed and aperture, reading the histogram, changing ISO and using White Balance. We have various LEE filters for you to try, including ND grads (hard and soft type), Polarisers and ND Standards.

The workshops take place on Sunday & Monday (other dates occasionally possible, but will incur additional fees. Contact me to request this). They start at approx 11am on the first day and 9.30am on day two and last up to 6 hours. We take a break for a coffee on-route to talk over what we have covered so far.

The price is for the workshops only. It does not include accommodation, food or any transport costs. This is done to keep the costs to a minimum and so you can plan your own arrangements for hotels etc, which you may find cheap packages for.



                    You will need to bring:

A Digital SLR, Mirrorless or Bridge camera. All formats catered for.

A range of lenses from wide angle to telephoto is ideal, but a standard zoom is perfect too.

Any filters you have will be useful, but we have a range of Lee Filters for you to try.

No tripod is required, as we shoot handheld, tailoring our cameras to suit.

Warm clothes in winter, including gloves! Plenty of water in summer





    Techniques covered on the Barbican route include:

  • Learn the craft of shooting Black and White
  • Capture the beauty of Brutalist architecture
  • Capture creative shots inside and out
  • Expand your vision beyond the usual urban views
  • Shoot B&W art in the Tate Modern!





    The Southbank One-Mile highlights include:

  • Getting to know your camera.
  • Big Ben
  • Getting to REALLY know your camera!
  • The River Thames
  • Really REALLY getting to know your camera!!
  • The London Eye




    Bermondsey highlights of the day include:

  • The most photogenic street in London
  • Capture The Shard from unique perspectives
  • More London and the ‘Batman’ building
  • Learn to shoot ‘with a theme’
  • The advantages of shooting with a mirrorless camera




Free e6 Subscription

If you pay for the workshop via bank transfer instead of PayPal, you can  take advantage of a free one year e6 Subscription

(new subscribers only)


Two versions of this London workshop are available:

Original Beginners or Develop your Style



Develop Your Style Workshop

For the more advanced enthusiast looking to improve their vision and create their own style in photography, then the Develop Your Style workshop in London is for you.


I set the location, you find the subjects!

With my assistance, we aim to improve your vision from concept to final image, all created with your own unique photography style. Please specify when booking that you would like to arrange this version of the London workshop.






Please e-mail me to request a suitable date (at least 6 weeks ahead), along with your choice of two locations or choice of workshop style. Then complete the booking form below to book a place and pay via the PayPal option below.


Request details to pay via bank transfer to take advantage of the e6 offer. Contact me for details

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