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The A-Z of Improving Your Photography

26 Inspirational Ideas

Twenty six ideas. All the way from A-Z. Try a new idea every fortnight to inspire you throughout the year.

This book has been written to inspire you. Inspire you with ideas that have inspired me. My own photography needs a reboot and boost every now and then and these are the ideas that have worked for me.


A new technique

A new way of thinking

Creative ways to use your existing equipment

A new way of approaching your photography


These are simple, yet effective ideas that will inspire you, motivate you and help keep your photography fresh and exciting.



These 26 ideas are taken from original eGuides offered to subscribers on my e6 Subscription. Released once every two weeks throughout 2019, they helped inspire my subscribers with new ideas and their feedback proved that. Now you too can be inspired with this all-in-one eBook. Or subscribe to e6 and get the book free as part of the subscription.


  • PDF for easy reading on multiple devices
  • 26 ideas to inspire you
  • Illustrated with key images as examples



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